About Denise…

Who am I?

Art Teacher – Teaching Elementary Art for 27 years!

Actress – Lots of Local Community Theatre, I love to do Comedy, Sing, and Dance (when I am allowed to)!

Scenery and Props Artist – I love to paint bricks! (Not really, but I’m really good at it after a million of them). I can take your idea or doodle and bring it life for the stage! I can do all sorts of faux finishes and trompe l’oiel (that’s fancy French for I can make your luann and strapping look like a shingled house, your plain floor look like cobblestone, tile or wooden boards, or your flat scenery look three- dimensional). I can create props that are specific to your show, look great and are functional!

Portable Paint Parties – I can guide your group to create a unique painting in about two hours! I bring all the suplies to your location, and I can accomodate up to 36 artists! I love to do theatre events, office team-building, birthday parties, group fundraisers and private events like girl’s night.

Just finished this mural yesterday for a dear friend! She wanted a serene, tranquil, European feeling vista. We took inspiration from some vintage artwork, and the color of stones in her fireplace. Hard to see in the picture, the archway has glitter, just like the shimmer in the pink marble of the fireplace! Please contact me if you need a custom mural painted, I do other styles as well, if you need scenery painting for your theater, or to schedule your next painting party!

Seussical the Musical! (Photo taken after a performance…I don’t paint dressed like this)
Creating a dimensional stone wall for Spamalot!
Doing some touch-ups for Lend Me a Tenor (not really, attending “Opening Night Gala” performance!)
Some scenery out the window for Lend Me A Tenor!
A “LIFE size” (9′ X 12′) gameboard I painted and created all the props for, for my school’s team in The Relay For Life.